1- Model Town Society in Gwader:

Model Town Society in Gwader is a project of TS Developers Pvt Ltd. Dveloping a residential housing project spread over 200 Acres of Land Vide. NOC NO. 14/05/HS/GDA Dated 04/02/2015, duly issued by Gwader Development Authority. nvesting in real estate is the key to unmatched success. Today is an opportunity, just owning a real state can make you a billionaire. Luxury homes with sea views in Gwader. Live a lifestyle you have always wished, create your own future.



Model Town Society in Gwader


2- Gwader City:

Gwader is a seaside city in Baluchistan. Gwader is generally hot in summer almost and its local population is almost 150,000. Areas Along the seaside belt maintain a slightly lower temperature as compared to inland Gwader due to winds from the sea.
The geo-strategic importance of Gwader was first identified by a US Geological Survey. It was published at the request of Pakistan in 1954. It acts as a gateway to trade in the North Africa region and The Middle East. Gwader has access to warm waters of the Arabian Sea.


Model Town Society in Gwader



3- CPEC:

Therefore China also seeks access to the warm waters. China has water disputes with Japan, which has the backing of the US. But rather than attacking Pakistan, China created industries, roads and energy substructure and sincerely welcomed by the people of Pakistan.
Finally China and Pakistan signed the $55  billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in june 2016. All across the country, a range of nuclear, solar, coal and hydro-power plants are to be completed.


4- Opportunities in Gwader:

Gwader is the world’s largest natural deep-water port. It offers a gateway to MENA region to trade. It reduces shipping time from China to MENA meaningfully allowing it to compete with major Indian competitors across industries, such as Petrochemicals. China’s Petrochemical industry takes more than 30 days for shipping to oil-rich countries. On the opposite side, India ships its product in less than a week. So China wants to shift its petrochemical industry in Gwader.



China wants to improve business by reducing shipping time. The planned city of Gwader holds numerous opportunities today much as before. Given the rate at which international players are entering Gwader, the entire land strip will no longer be available to medium and small level investors. This is the unique and great opportunity for Pakistan to benefit by investing in Gwader rather than anywhere. The only risk your investment can have is if you fall for a scam. This will never happen If you invest in model town society in Gwader.


5- Invest in Model Town Society in Gwader:


Model Town Society in Gwader is the ideal place to start a new life with our family or make investments for secure future. Quickest way to become wealthy is to invest in real estate. A place that is surrounded by natural beauty and prosperity. You will get 100 percent land ownership, all existing and proposed mainland access routes by booking with us.
In addition half of the land dedicated to beautiful parks, mosques, resorts and underground electricity. Quantity, affordable housing is a key element of a strong and effective scheme. So we create your tomorrow by what you dream today.

“Invest today for Better Tomorrow”